Monday, February 9, 2009

Twilight Lipstick Seniors

Yesterday my Mother, who is 76, came and sat with me in the courtyard. We had a wonderful conversation and laughed together. She sipped from her straw which is perpetually connected and glued to her hand a diet drink, and attached to her hip is a cell phone. I am forever begging her not to drink diet soda as it is toxic, she ignores me and changes the subject.

The subject of our discussion with much reminiscing turned to a book I had just purchased for my niece, The Period Book by Karen Gravelle. Our laughs, smirks and shared giggles revolved around Menstruation, the ritual and power of it, and led to a fun conversation about childbirth.

When Mom decided it was time to go and was walked to her car I kissed her on the cheek, held her and told her I loved her. She started to drive off and stopped, rolling down her window she hollered back at me to come over. I walked up to the window and she said, "give me another kiss I love you so much.".

It was then that I noticed my Mother no longer wore her bright red Channel lipstick, but had a wonderful shimmery pink shade on. I thanked her for the lipstick smear and she laughed.

And, you know - i thought when did that happen? Where have I been that I just now noticed Mother had changed her war paint? And, I also thought when have I ever seen my Mom without lipstick? As I thought back I could not remember a time that my Mom did not at the minimum have lipstick on.

I thought of how my Mother is forever visiting the sick, other Seniors, playing Taxi, and the never ending asking, "What can I do for you today?" I thought back to when this began, and once again I could not remember a time Mom was not helping others. She has forever been feeding , clothing, giving money away, and even giving others a place to stay.

And, I cried, then I wept for joy and I am so grateful this Woman gave birth to me, that I came from such a soul.

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