Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A typical day

Up early at 6am feeling like someone beat me with a bat - slept on the couch so I was closer to the restroom, as it feels like someone is twisting a knife into my gut

Stumble to bathroom avoiding the mirror but vanity overpowers me so I peek into mirror and my eyes directly go to my hair and i laugh as my hair resembled Medusa - the wild snake curls sticking straight up and growing forward from the back of my skull

I Slap a hard headband on my hair telling it to behave today - forget about the headache it will give me, which now that I wrote this I removed the band and yes it gave me a headache

I walk outside to the road and into the churchyard to escape the new puppies who are biting holes into my sneakers and ankle, and to breathe in the snow air. I see a stray dog who almost got hit by a car and is trying to follow a homeless man down the street.

I call dog, come here dog and homeless man hollers up the road to me, it's following me. I reply, she's not following you now. She's going with me.

Dog comes over to me with no collar and no tag, and I ask her where she lives. I say, dog where do you live? I call her Jack and call her Miracle but those are not her name, but she tells me she lives down the road, but she does not want to go home. She wants to stay with me.

I walk the dog to one house bang on the door, all still asleep, two house - door is open and woman points to the house across and down the street, and three is the ticket - dog is home.

Heard a huge bang and crash earlier from neighbor's property, on the way back up the road of taking dog home, I notice the neighbors carport has fallen on their car. I say to self, yes that is what that crash was and for some reason laugh.

This is the same neighbor whose dog bit me recently and they called me a liar although they stood there while their dog bit me, and watched the blood flow, the same neighbor whose huge Oak fell on my fence and they refuse still years later to fix the fence. Same neighbor whose pack of pits bark non stop, and attack children walking to and home from school - i could go on.

So for some reason I laugh.

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