Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flops and Flips

I am useless without flops and if they did not exist I perhaps would be barefoot even in Winter.

I had a flamboyant Great Aunt, Mary, who ran barefoot in the Appalachian Mountains in the dead of Winter up into her 90s. She among many adventures in her life was once The Snake Woman in a traveling circus.

Can you inherit tendency or rather a tendency to preferences? And, why not? If one may hand down genes, why could one not do so with preference towards certain things in life? Preference is wired with the brain and chemicals so...... What the heck am I rambling about.

The fact is I cannot bear shoes on my feet, nor socks on my feet. When I have to wear sneakers to the gym I am uncomfortable the entire time. When I have flip flops on I feel unconstrained.

I have for 30 years bought cheap flops since I go through a pair a week. This go round I bought the OP I show for only $9.99. They are made fairy well, comfy but thicker bottoms. So far it has been a week and the bottoms are still there.

I have my eye on every pair of Havaianas made but cannot afford them at all. Not with the speed I wear flips flops out. Ross has them starting at $17.99. The thing is $17.99 buys us food for three days or feeds the pet children for three days.

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