Friday, April 24, 2009

Picture is from the Folly Beach website since we each forgot a freaking camera.

O yeah back from Folly Beach - the edge of the world so it is called. Did not know there would be a drunken street festival when Victoria and I left to go.

Literally that is what it is - a Street Beer Fest. So we headed into Charleston to avoid that since it would be a horde of drunks, and ran into some D├ębutante thing going on there all around California Dreaming docks. The chicks were all decked out in fabulous dresses. The young men in beautiful black and whites.

Took Vic down to the old Slave Market so she could watch some of the local Basket Makers on the street do their thing. A lot of tourists already.

My idea of relaxing is to live 1/2 clad and barefoot on the beach. Just walking and combing the sands for goods that the locals have not grabbed up. The only place to get decent shells is down by the old lighthouse or over Edisto way. And to get the Sand dollars you gotta be up bright and early.

Anyhow - we are planning on taking off to Topsail Island/Surf City. Maybe I can talk Vic into several weeks there. That is where I find my shark teeth in abundance. So we will see. So long as I am back in time for the Endocrinologist on the 27th no worry, no problem.

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