Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ArtFire Alive and Kicking with Found Objects

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade Art Fire is alive and kicking! What I really wanted to discuss today is Found Objects on ArtFire.

If you have an addiction or rather a compulsion to picking up odd items from the ground, like feathers, rocks, bones and such, then Art Fire is the place to discover additional exciting Found Objects to add to either your collection or craft supply.

Found Objects officially and unofficially partially defined as:

"Found object" can also refer to a small object found by chance which, though usually of little monetary value, captures the imagination of the finder and is therefore kept as a keepsake. Perhaps it is a penny or an unusual stone or even a pretty piece of metal. Often found just "on the ground," it is kept as a curiosity or even a good luck charm. They are often associated with a trip or a special memory or an important time in a person's life.

The connotations of mystery about where it came from, the feeling that it is a lucky or providential occurrence, and the sense that it is simply a "free gift from the world" or "from nowhere" can add to the sense of wonder or magic surrounding a found object. A "found object" may stand alone or may form the basis for a collection. Some birds similarly use shiny things they find in their nests, and some people deliberately seek out such objects..." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Found_objects).

Art Fire has a stupendous collection and variety of defined raw Found Objects, yes, enough to more than whip up your appetite and spark the imagination.

I mean check out this rock and glass melded together. What would you create with this or would you purchase it just to have it as is?

Feathers, rocks, old vintage buttons, seashells..... you'll find some fabulous items at ArtFire. ANd then of course there are 'items made from found objects such as this cool ring.

I can't end this without plugging myself and my found objects at Madwomen Lab.

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