Friday, May 8, 2009

Earth Worms and Humans

Ok and so it is May and 1/4 into it as well. I have been losing time - really losing days.

What's time anyhow but something created by chaotic capitalists to feed the giant wheel and contribute to automaton?

The only time I need be concerned with is when the leaves drop and the first green peeking through rich soil. Or when my stomach speaks growling for some yummy without poisons.

Each day I wake and live, I laugh at man's structure and myself that I must in some form or another be part of it, yet happy and grateful that I have created my little islands too. To live in two worlds, mine the reality and Mans the pit of vipers.

So it has been crazy with storms for almost a month here. It's starting, all the warnings of the Greenhouse effects. It's happening. A Mother is a wicked force when her children are hurt. I see Earth as Mother and all that come from her womb, which are the soils and sands, to be her children.

We are nothing more than parasites living in disharmony with her for to long. We are no more than the earth worms, perhaps we have become less since we do not contribute to Her in a healthy way. What does not benefit the organisim ... well ......

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