Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swamp Flowers

I am excited this morning - well actually have been excited since my beautiful Swamp Hibiscus is growing at an astounding rate. Both the white and red have returned, the white three times as large as white.

I saved seeds last year and sold them, but also planted in several strategic areas in my courtyard garden area and they are all knee high as of today.

This beautiful floral gets 8 feet by 8 feet and it was my vision to line my walkway entrance with these beautiful tropical looking plants. Now, this vision appears!

The flora of this plant excite me so much as they remind me of both magnolia and gardenia in sight and texture. The leaves look like Hemp plants.

The entire plant has such an exotic feel to her that I feel transported to the beach. Last year was the first year I noticed Hummingbirds flocking to my courtyard gardens. They gravitate to this flora.

The leaves from this plant have been used to make soothing poultices for boils and eruptions of the skin.

This year flying creatures have taken up in the gourd birdhouse the beautiful old man gave me, and already the sweet chirping and singing of little furry creatures fills the courtyard! I believe I will incorporate more of these gourd housing.

Next project though is to purchase a solar fountain, and if I like it - then even more of them. I like the idea of the sun and water working together, instead of having the hum of electricity throughout my soil.

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