Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's not often I have the guts to cut my flowers unless I am using them in a formula, but I had to wander out to get my dose of Vitamin D today. While in my gardens I picked three of my Mexican Sunflowers.

I added them to my soap counter so I could get a shot of happy while making soaps and perfume.

Gardner's Tip: When cutting flowers cut stem at an angle and then when you bring inside remove any bottom leaves that could rot in your water. Add a little sugar to your water to keep the flowers longer. Before placing your flowers in your vase cut again the stem at an angle under running water or immersed in water and it will absorb that, also keeping longer.

Craft idea: For those still practicing the much illegal Trade of Fairy Slavery you can use them empty bottles to capture the Fairy poop and fill with that. For those who are involved in the Free Fairy New World Trade Act you can use them to actively bottle Fairy Dust and sell.

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