Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When I find something I like I buy it. I fell in love with Michelle V's Unisex Jewelry Boutique on ArtFire, which is where I do all my shopping these days.

After Hot listing several of her leather cuff bracelets and looking at the leather Survivor Cuff for about 100 times I finally stuck that pretty little sucker in my Cart and dived in with payment.

I was not disappointed upon my product arrival, the leather not too stiff the copper plate hand hammered to perfection and the inscription that spoke so personally to me is perfectly stamped out. There are absolutely no sharp edges on the Cuff that would cut my tender skin so what can I say except I am thrilled with my new leather cuff, and wearing her proudly as if it were just another scar!

I actually went back to this chicks shop and just purchased another cuff for my hubby with a custom saying of mine own. The price is so right that I have considered many more as Christmas gifts as I totally can get them in the color leather I want with the words I want on the simulated bone or copper plates! This makes such a thoughtful gift.

You gotta check this gal out!

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